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Who needs AlcoChange?

AlcoChange is for everyone who enjoys a drink.

Anyone who wants to be able to keep track on how much they drink would absolutely love using Alcochange. Our main focus is your well being and helping you monitor your alcohol consumption.


Why use AlcoChange?

AlcoChange enables you to drink responsibly.
It influences your behavior by bringing about a change in you and puts you in control of Alcohol through very simple yet powerful Patent Pending Technologies.

How AlcoChange Works


Low Cost Disposable Device + Smartphone App + A smart Cloud Platform that watches out for you.


Patent Pending

We have put in years of Research and Development involving some of the brightest minds in the world of Healthcare, Design and Information Technology to create AlcoChange. The team has worked tirelessly on every single aspect of AlcoChange to make sure that it is available to you at a reasonable price while it still gives you the most accurate readings.

A lot of intelligence has been built into the AlcoChange solution including the cloud based platform and the mobile apps apart from the device. Our technology is Patent Pending and is built to make an impact in your life.

   Email - contactus@cyberliver.com