Asian Hardware Battlefield


It was a day well spent at the Asian Hardware Battlefield. We pitched at an event in Chennai earlier and got shortlisted to present in the India finale in Delhi and that’s where it all started. Around 400 Applications were received, 200+ were shortlisted to pitch and 15 were selected for the finals and we (Team CyberLiver were one of them).

The day started by us landing on time at 9.30 am, the event was delayed and we just hung around networking with other pitchers.

The panel sessions were very useful and here are a few key learnings to take away from it,

Dr Dr. Gang Lu gave an excellent presentation on China and Startups. Some of the key learnings from this presentation were as follows,

Popular Business Models

A popular business model in China was O2O (Online to Offline). An example of this was Uber where the transaction starts online via an app but the service gets delivered in the form of a drive which is offline. A lot of businesses were looking at this models growing popularity.

Small players are not to be ignored and must be taken seriously, there are a lot of examples where small players have acquired larger players, some examples to note were Haier acquiring GE’s consumer business and ninebot acquiring Segaway.

We Chat which is a popular instant messaging platform as we think is apparently insanely popular in China. Their platform based model allows people to pay credit card bills to what not and their goal is to be with users from when they wake up to when they sleep. Looks like whats app has a long way to go!

What Hardware Startups must keep in mind to succeed?

80% of the worlds hardware is manufactured in Shenzhen. The key success for any hardware startup is to be present in the right environment. It is all about having the right eco system around your startup.

By eco system we refer to the most common services that are required for startups to iterate quickly and decide if they want to proceed in a direction. Shenzhen houses several such incubators / accelerators such as Hax.

Long story short, There is no point in starting a hardware startup on the banks of Dal lake when all the action is happening near Gurgaon.

Some great insights were shared by other panel members on this topic relating to India. The founders from Grey Orange who run the entire back end warehouse management for companies like Flipkart mentioned about their experience in growing their hardware startups and the importance of them being present in Gurgaon as opposed to the center of New Delhi.

One of the key design challenges to watch and apply for in India is the Qualcomm Design Challenge in Bangalore for hardware startups.

One of the other important aspects that was shared was that Hardware startups are valued more when there are more experienced people onboard. Because unlike software startups mistakes can be expensive in Hardware. A software bug can be fixed with a quick patch but a hardware bug would have a serious implication and may require a re-call which could be a more expensive affair.

When questioned about advise for scaling hardware startups, the advise was “Try not to get too big too soon, get it right for one market and then scale”.

The Brain and Alcohol


Everything we do involves a process where one cell in our brain connects with another. Our Brain has over 100 Billion Neurons and each of them have a set of ten thousand Neurons. Together there are over a quadrillion Neurons. Neurons as we know, receive information and pass information to other Neurons in the form of electrical pulses.

The Neurons can process huge amounts of information. They perform different roles in different regions of the Brain. For example, the Limbic system specializes in emotion,

Neurons are actually not physically connected with each other in the brain, there is a gap and this gap is known as Synapse. Neuro Transmitters help communication between Neurons, the two main neuro transmitters are a derivative of sugar: Glutamate, which promotes excitement  and GABA – An Inhibitor which Regulates Excitement.

Alcohol increases effect of GABA in the Brain, it reduces flow of information in the brain. At the same time it suppresses the production of Glutamate. This is what slows and calms you down. Alcohol also stimulates the production of dopamine which is responsible for that feeling of pleasure. The dopamine production is what gives you that feeling of pleasure.

This usually would be okay but continued consumption of alcohol affects the flow of information in the brain. The dopamine production can lead vulnerable people to alcoholism, causing them to crave a drink because dopamine at regular levels does not satisfy them after a while. So be sure to drink safe and drink smart everyone!

Alcochange saves 4: THE EVIL CLOWN DATE: Into The Blackness

Hey everyone, here is part four. Enjoy!

The previous installments have their links on the right side if you haven’t read them yet.

Here you go, have fun!

Fred was terrified for his wife as he rushed into the bedroom to find it empty, “Betty!” He cried out as he looked around to see where they would have gone, he noticed that the window was open but there was no way they would have jumped from this height right? They were two floors up! He stuck his head out the window to take a look and saw a few old mattresses piled on top of each other. ‘Could they have jumped down?’ he climbed onto the window sill and was about to jump when he heard Betty scream again “Fred watch out, he’s behind you!” Fred turned just in time to see his wife coming out of the bathroom in handcuffs, being led by Steve’s impostor. Fred tried to jump at the impostor from the window sill but he quickly stepped in and pushed Fred out of the window.

Fred thought that the mattresses would cushion his fall and he would get up and cut off Steve’s impostor if he tried leaving. Well, Fred thought wrong because the old mattresses were soft enough to save Fred’s life but hard enough to cause serious injuries. He hit the mattress hard, causing a shooting pain in his hand and his vision to flicker, he lay there for a few minutes, glimpsing the car in front of him as the impostor dragged Betty into the car, shoved her into the spacious boot and drove away. Fred tried to get up and stop him but his body wouldn’t move, he could only whisper his wife’s name as everything went dark.

Fred could feel himself running after the car, calling out to Betty “Betty! Hold on sweetheart, I’m coming!” But no matter how fast he ran the car stayed the same distance ahead of him. Fred lost his patience and lunged at the car, his fingers managed to brush the rear bumper but missed which made fall and slide a short distance on his nose. Fred lay there groaning for a moment before standing up, he looked to the direction was car was going, expecting to see it vanish over the horizon but he could see nothing. Fred looked all around him trying to catch a glimpse of anything, a tree, a bush or a stone all he could see was pitch black. Fred started to panic when he heard small scuttling noises to his left, then to his right and then he heard a soft growl behind him which made the hairs stand up on the back of his head. He started to run, he did not get far before whatever was stalking him in the darkness knocked him down onto his face again, Fred could feel the weight of whatever creature now stood on his back as it leaned for the kill. Fred felt its hot breath on his neck and struggled, there was no way he was dying here. He refused to let some foolish beast kill him while his wife was in peril, he kept trying to push himself up but the beast held him down with its weight. He pushed as hard as he could and could feel the beast shifting because it couldn’t hold him down anymore, with one final almighty push he got the beast off him and sat up.

That was when Fred woke up to realize he was in a hospital. He tried to sit up but all he succeeded in doing was having a fresh bout of pain shoot up his arm and another in his head. He realized that his hand was in a cast, ‘Is it broken?’ he wondered as he heard a voice reply “It most certainly is, you fell from a height of atleast thirty feet.” Fred looked up to see a man in a white lab coat, presumably his doctor “What most certainly is?”  “Your arm, it certainly is broken, thirty feet isn’t much but it was enough to make you slip into a three day coma.” Fred was dumbstruck, three days? That was way too long, that sicko was still out there with his wife! He was about to open his mouth to ask the doctor about his wife when the doctor spoke again “well you are one of the lucky ones, one of your friends has been waiting out there all day since he learned you were here” Friend? Was it one of his work friends? Fred looked to the door of the hospital ward, his eyes were red tinged with rage as he saw the man who walked through it, that sick sheepish smile on his face. This was the face of the man who kidnapped his wife, Fred growled at the man and grumbled “What are you doing here” The man just smiled “Hi Fred, how are you? I heard you fell.”


To be continued…

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Easy and not so easy to make mocktails!

Hey everyone, here are two more recipes for you to enjoy over this weekend! more stories and recipes coming soon

Easy-to-make Long island tea mocktail

Enjoy a delicious non-alcoholic long island iced tea.

Enjoy a delicious non-alcoholic long island iced tea.

Ingredients (Serves 12):

• 12 cups of brewed tea
• Sugar
• 3 cups ginger ale
• Ice
• Lemon wedges (not necessary but recommended)

Method of preparation:

1. Brew tea and pour into pitcher
2. Add sugar to your preference.
3. Add ice to your preference (preferably around half the pitcher).
4. Pour ginger ale into pitcher.
5. Squeeze some lemon juice from the lemon wedges into the pitcher.
6. Enjoy your mocktail!

Not as Easy-to-make Sparkling Sangria Mocktail

Drink healthy with this delicious sparkling sangria mocktail

Drink healthy with this delicious sparkling sangria mocktail

Ingredients (Serves 12):

• 4 Clementines, peeled and cut into wheel shaped slices.
• 3 bottles of blueberry – pomegranate juice, chilled
• 1 sweet apple
• 1 ripe pear
• 1 starfruit, sliced thin
• Seedless grapes (1 cup)
• 20 ounces of ginger ale

Method of preparation:

1. In a 3 quart pitcher, add the clementines and blueberry –pomegranate juice.
2. Remove the apple core and cut it into small chunks.
3. Remove the pear core and cut it into small chunks.
4. Add them to pitcher with starfruit and grapes.
5. Refrigerate pitcher for 2 hours
6. Pour in ginger ale just before serving
7. Enjoy your mocktail!

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Alcochange saves 3: THE EVIL CLOWN DATE: The Tables Have Turned

Hey everyone, here is part three. Enjoy!

If you havent read the first two installments start with chapter one here

If you havent read part two, read it here

So here is the third part , sorry for the delay. Have fun!

Fred walked up to Steve’s front door with the lock pick in hand, ready to open the door when he realized it was already open. He heard Betty, his wife walk up behind him. Her glowing nose lighting up the everything around them, he looked back at her “turn that off, the neighbors may see us” She shook her head , the clown hat making a faint jingle as she pointed to the neighbor’s door “Its locked from the outside , no one lives there” Fred was curious “Maybe that’s why Steve wasn’t too careful about his door, no else seems to live here anym-“ Fred stopped talking when he heard a small snore from Steve’s bedroom. He turned to Betty and whispered “He’s sleeping, let’s get the scene ready, you set up the cameras, I’ll take care of the props. Betty nodded “Alright but be careful, we don’t need him waking up because you tripped over a sofa.” Fred looked back as he was checking the room “ Oh ha-ha, very fun-“ Fred tripped over the sofa in the middle of the room, clapping his hand over his mouth so his yelp was muffled as he fell into the sofa. Fred looked up to Betty who was trying very hard not to laugh as he said “Not… One…Word”.

Fred got up and started putting up the sickly green wallpaper for the scene while he could hear the cameras being set up in the background. The cameras were infrared and would be in the darkness to make them almost impossible to notice. He put up the last wallpaper and switched out the light bulbs so the new one would glow green instead of white. He looked over at the dark spot and saw the shadow with a glowing green nose as it went around tending to the cameras. “Hey Betty” he whispered “you forgot one of the cameras for the other side of the room” Betty replied “I have them here Fred”. Fred’s blood instantly grew cold, because Betty’s voice had come from behind him, near the front door. Fred whirled around to look at Betty as she walked in with the camera “You’re being too loud Fred, Steve’s gonna wake up if you keep this up. The drug should have worn off by now too” Fred looked back at the dark corner, the green glowing clown nose was simply rolling around on the table they had set the camera on. Had he imagined the shadow in that corner? Betty was staring at him “You okay Fred? We ready to do this?” Fred nodded “Y..Yeah, you know how this scene goes right? It’s crucial to the whole video, or we aren’t going to win that money”. Betty nodded “Yeah, we scare him, I go close to him and then when he is absolutely terrified we stop and tell him what happened” Fred nodded “Yeah, then we tell him he gets a share if we win, so let’s do this, I’ll be right outside so don’t worry” Fred walked out and peered into the window, his phone was vibrating but he ignored it and it went silent. He heard Steve’s room door open as Betty made her way into Steve’s bedroom. Fred’s phone was constantly vibrating as he heard Steve scream, ‘wow’ he thought ‘Betty really knows how to scare someone’. Fred finally got sick of his phone vibrating and he took it out of his pocket to see who was calling. Fred froze when he saw Steve’s picture in his Caller ID. Fred answered the call and sure enough it was Steve “Hey Fred, How you doing?” Fred was a little confused as he replied “Um I’m good Steve, what’s up?” Steve replied “We haven’t spoken in ages since I moved to my new place man, you should totally come!” Fred was puzzled “What? You moved?  Sorry I didn’t tell you about it sooner, but I left quickly because there was this stalker who was so obsessed with me he even got plastic surgery to make himself look like me, he’s also super dangerous, almost had me with his knife too… He even stole my phone ma-.” Fred dropped the phone and began to run into the house while calling out to Betty but it was too late… He heard her scream coming from the bedroom of Steve’s old house.

To be continued….

Hope you all enjoyed the story, part four will not be as you expect!

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Alcochange Dry January Top 16

Dry January is done and many of our users have done themselves proud by staying sober for a solid number of days. They have braved volcanoes that spewed Bloody Mary, avoided enormous floods of whisky an- okay maybe we are going overboard with that. So here they are , our Top 16.

Rank 1: The Saviour of Mankind

Name: Angela Larkin

Congratulations Angela Larkin!

Rank 2: The Warrior off the spirits 

Name: Grant Lane

Congratulations Grant Lane!

Congratulations Grant Lane!

Rank 3: Empress of the dry

Name: Alison Wakeman

Congratulations Alison Wakeman!

Congratulations Alison Wakeman!

Rank 4: Seer of the sober

Name: Charlotte Daniel

Congratulations Charlotte Daniel!

Congratulations Charlotte Daniel!

Rank 5: Queen of the desert 

Name: Emma Dux

Congratulations Emma Dux!

Congratulations Emma Dux!

Rank 6: The Tee-totaling Duchess

Name: Julia Gibert

Congratulations Julia Gibert!

Congratulations Julia Gibert!

Rank 7: Dry Team Elite

Name: Ian Greasby

Congratulation Ian Greasby!

Congratulation Ian Greasby!

Rank 8: Dry Team Elite

Name: Ravi Kumar

Congratulations Ravi Kumar!

Congratulations Ravi Kumar!

Rank 9: Dry Team Elite

Name: Jane Adkins

Congratulations Jane Adkins!

Congratulations Jane Adkins!

Rank 10: Dry Team Elite

Name: Hannah Fennelly

Congratulations Hannah Fennelly!

Congratulations Hannah Fennelly!

Rank 11: Dry Team Elite

Name: Vinutha Pinapala

Congratulations Vinutha Pinapala!

Congratulations Vinutha Pinapala!

Rank 12: Dry Team Elite

Name: Bala Krishnan

Congratulations Bala Krishnan!

Congratulations Bala Krishnan!

Rank 13: Dry Team Elite

Name: Steven Holloway

Congratulations Steven Holloway!

Congratulations Steven Holloway!

Rank 14: Dry Team Elite

Name: Kit Anderson

Congratulations Kit Anderson!

Congratulations Kit Anderson!

Rank 15: Dry Team Elite

Name: Balbir Rajpurohit

Congratulations Balbir Rajpurohit!

Congratulations Balbir Rajpurohit!

Rank 16: Dry Team Elite

Name: Chaz Reynolds

Congratulations Chaz Reynolds!

Congratulations Chaz Reynolds!



If you havent noticed, we have given each of our top 16 titles to match their valor and will, here are what they mean.

Savior of mankind: The best of all, you just cant save everyone else on the planet without being absolutely almighty (and sober)! If you got this rank then you are the best of the best! Be careful though , some people might get jealous and steal your certificate! Just kidding, its got your name on it.

Warrior off the spirits: This one is kind of a self-explanatory pun of greatness. The warrior off the spirits is absolutely indestructible when he doesn’t drink (Hence the title!) If you got this rank you are absolutely incredible (not indestructible, please don’t do anything dangerous!).

Empress of the dry: This is quite a poetic rank, if you got this rank then it means you have conquered the urges to drink and now no longer thirst for the drink that is alcohol. If you got this rank then you have the self control of a budding zen student!

Seer of the sober: Well, this rank basically means that you have the ability to see into the future to see if you will be drunk or not, an excellent gift for when you need will power to stay away from the bottle! If you get this rank, fear not since seeing into the future isn’t possible with just a title!

Queen of the Desert: The Queen who rules over the dry desert, yes we know we are making too many dry references but this is the last one we swear. so, if you have this rank you are cool (or hot?).  Plenty of dry sand that obeys your every will, just don’t try to hug it, you will get sand in your hair and nose.

The Tee-totaling Duchess: Yep, she is the life of the party. Chatting with everyone everywhere about everything, all at once. Smarter than the smartest and sharper than a katana edge. The best part about her is that she does all this because she is sober! If you get this title you are awesome, but we cant give you her powers(sorry!).

A Dry Team Elite: The few and the powerful! They have the ability to move whole mountains when they don’t drink! If you got this rank then be sure to try and lift your house when you’re sober. You may look silly but not many people can say they tried to lift their house, now can they?

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Hot n Sweet Recipes.

Hey there everyone, we are back with two simple but delicious recipes for mocktails. Take a look and enjoy:

Easy-to-make Bloody Mary Mocktail

For those who love a drink with spice and tang.

For those who love a drink with spice and tang.

This could be Tomato Juice’s much cooler (or hotter?) cousin, with spicy, powerful and subtle flavors that are sure to blow you away.

Ingredients needed (serves 4):

  • 12 cups (or ounces) of 100% Vegetable juice or tomato juice
  • 2 ounces of Lemon Juice
  • Worcestershire Sauce (great but optional)
  • Red pepper sauce (Hot sauce)
  • Salt and pepper
  • Celery stalk , pickle garnish (for garnish)

Method of preparation:

  1. Mix the vegetable juice/tomato juice and lemon juice in a pitcher.
  2. Add a dash of Worcestershire sauce and hot pepper sauce in the small pitcher.
  3. Mix them together thoroughly and add the salt and pepper according to your preferences.
  4. Add the celery stalk and pickle garnish
  5. Serve on ice and enjoy


Easy-to-make Sparkling Peach Sunrise

So, not in the mood for something hot and spicy? Relax, we have something for you too, try the cooler and sweeter Sparkling Peach Sunrise mocktail.

Ingredients (Serves 4):

  • 12 Ounces of fresh peach juice
  • 3 Ounces of Grenadine (if you don’t have grenadine try a red fruit juice instead, it won’t be as sweet or look as good but it will be close!)
  • Lemon soda (lime soda)

Method of preparation:

  1. Pour 3 ounces of peach juice over ice in each drinking glass.
  2. Fill the glasses to the brim with soda.
  3. Pour the grenadine into the drinks slowly, it will reach the bottom but slowly mix into the drink, giving you that “Sunrise” effect.
  4. Enjoy your drink.

That’s it for now, Leave a comment if you liked it, and leave a comment if you didnt! Hope you enjoy drinking these, and let us know what you want to see next.

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Alcochange saves 2: THE EVIL CLOWN DATE: The Setup

Hey every one, heres the second installment to the story.

If you havent read part one this might be a little confusing so read part one here

so here it is, enjoy!


Fred walked into the bar to find Steve wearing a red clown nose and white paint smeared over his face, barely conscious while surrounded by several beer bottles. Steve noticed him and waved as he called out “Fraadaaay! Whazzap?!” Fred walked over and tried to help Steve up “Don’t call me that, and I’m here to take you home, that’s what’s up. Now let’s go, I want to watch a DVD I picked up earlier today” Steve was barely able to focus “W..what DVD is it?” Fred shook his head “I can’t tell you, because we can’t endorse any movies in this story”.

Steve looked up at him in confusion as they headed out “S..story?” Fred laughed as he supported steve with one hand, paying the bartender with the other “Just kidding man, it’s Clowns gone wild 2” Steve suddenly stopped “W…what? Clowns?” Fred nodded “Yeah, here take a look” Fred showed him the DVD after strapping him into the seat and Steve started to panic and he tried to get out of the seat but Fred stopped him. “Hey there, relax man it’s just a picture on a DVD” Steve couldn’t calm down “I shaw dat in my dreem! Ish real!” He kept struggling but Fred managed to calm him down somewhat by putting away the DVD “Relax, you probably watched it before and forgot about it”. Steve leaned back as he felt the car start and move, the rhythmic hum of the engine was almost hypnotic. He looked over to Fred on the driving seat while saying “H..Hey Fred, shanks fer picking me up man I apprecia-“ Steve’s voice was stuck in his throat as he realize the driver wasn’t Fred, his new driver had pointed teeth, a horridly painted face, growled, laughed and a wore glowing green nose, she looked at him and laughed with a voice so deep Steve wondered if the clown was in fact male. Steve kept screaming as he realized he was too drunk to remove the seat belt. He kept fumbling with the release button but could do nothing as it brought its face close to him and snarled, Steve could smell its breath and… wait… was that … Chanel no.5? But the thought was gone in a second to be replaced with terror as he stared into the black mouth surrounded by jagged teeth, coming closer and closer to him till all he could see was black…

Steve couldn’t remember when he blacked out, all he remembered after seeing the darkness was when he was woken up by Fred “Steve, hey Steve, we’re at your place man. Let’s get you to bed, we also need to talk when you wake up. Drinking this much isn’t good-“ Steve cut him off “Yeah, Yeah I know, see ya tomorrow Fred, shanks again but I can make it to my door jush fine, but really… “ Steve had to swallow a few times before his tongue could get it right “Thanks man” Fred smiled “Yeah no problem, what are friends for, see you tomorrow mate” Steve was still pretty shaken as he walked into his apartment, he hoped he wouldn’t dream of that damned clown again as he got into his house. Changed out of his clothes, turned out the light and flopped onto the bed.

Fred walked over to the boot of his SUV and opened it, crouched inside was a clown, exactly like the one in the DVD, with a glowing red nose “We did well hiring those actors at the bar, the drug worked so well on him he didn’t even realize he was drugged and not drunk, time slipping drugs sure aren’t something I’d want to mess with” The clown slowly removed her nose and the black mouthpiece she wore and giggled in a girly voice “It’s a good thing I had a spare nose. But the look on his face was priceless! The footage we have should win us the competition” Fred shook his head and grinned as he looked up at the apartment, the bedroom light had now gone out. “Actually, I think we need better material, the night is still young after all”.


To be continued……


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Part 3 is out! check it out here