The AlcoChange smartphone breathalyser connects with the AlcoChange app through   a 3.5mm audio jack. Users can simply blow into the breathalyzer to record their blood alcohol concentration. This would let them know if they are in a state to drive or not. It would also help them understand their body’s alcohol tolerance and metabolism over a period of time. The AlcoChange breathalyzer requires no battery and uses a Fuel cell sensor for highly accurate results. The breathalyser is CE certified  and designed to be easy to use and store even when in an inebriated state.


As you can see, our app works in tandem with the breathalyser, when you blow into the breathalyser while the app is ready, the alcohol content in your breath is measured by the fuel cell and the data is sent back to the phone, which gives you the percentage of alcohol on your breath. And when you blow into the breathalyser while it isn’t connected to the phone…. Nothing will happen, what did you expect? We are good but we are not miracle workers, well we are but not how you would expect. Nevertheless, the breathalyser is an excellent piece of hardware which you have the opportunity of obtaining, preorder now!

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